Photography services Denmark

My calendar is already filling up for this year with a number of regular services and some project work already scheduled.

I recommend getting in contact as soon as is possible in order that we can schedule a free introductory consultation regarding your project. We can do this in person, on the phone or via skype.

Scheduling a photo shoot typically involves a multitude of elements and the more time we have, the smoother things will run.

If you have your back to the wall and need to find a quick solution on short notice, drop me a line on the off-chance. I love the challenge of working under pressure and will assist if I am available. Our services cover a wide range solutions!

Great lighting which combines the subject with the composition is our passion. If it is not naturally available, we will create our own, in order to capture perfect moments and author a single moment of your story.

From fine art to funky or traditional to trendy, simply provide us with your remit and leave the rest to us.


Seasonal Demand for Confirmations and Weddings is always high and due to the amount of details required, booking early is the only sensible solution.


Services available for:

Products, portraits, live events, corporate events, fashion, weddings, babies, pets, commercial, nature, architecture or landscape.

Hourly Rate

Ideal for family portraits, pets, landscape, architecture
750 dkr

Multi-Hour Rate

Ideal for graduation photos and employee portfolios
600 dkr

Small Project

Ideal for parties, school reunions, individual products
2000 dkr

Corporate Events

All day projects with specific delivery time frames
5000+ dkr


We have a number of excellent options available
5000+ dkr

Large Scale Projects

Multi-day or week projects are priced on an individual basis
25000+ dkr


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